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Dec 30, 2020

Been a crazy month (for us, maybe for you too?). Anyway, it's a stressful time for most people so we discuss how to decompress. Put your headphones on to drown out the sounds of your crazy family members and LISTEN IN.

Dec 15, 2020


Dec 9, 2020

We're so overwhelmed we forgot to upload the episode, oops. Tis the season. Tune in to hear us try to give chill advice while being in the midst of an extremely unchill work season

Nov 24, 2020

Time to bust out the tinfoil hats folks, we get into paranoia this week. We're definitely WON'T be tracking your physical movements while you listen to this episode. We also will NOT be tabulating the info that we AREN'T gathering into a convenient chart which we will then NOT overlay onto a map of the world. I think...

Nov 18, 2020

Uptime downtime, who's got the time.. Am i right folks? Also, do the dishes.